Versatile Capabilities in Optogenetics

Our device is fully implantable and ultra lightweight. The flexible light sources operate wirelessly, across nearly any experimental environment with user-definable pulse frequencies and durations. The system can be configured to meet the needs of many different circumstances. The complete system comes with a laptop and user-friendly GUI, and an initial set of disposable implants. Two control boxes shown in the schematic illustration below, provide RF wireless control and power delivery that are suitable for a wide variety of enclosures.

Conduct studies in freely behaving subjects

NeuroLux system provides invasive tools with no external antennas, batteries, fiber optic cables, or head mount. The implants have an ultra lightweight construction (0.02 g), which allows subjects to move naturally as individuals or as interacting members of social groups.

Study various aspects of brain function

With NeuroLux user-friendly GUI, researchers can select wavelength and program pulse frequency and duration for optogenetics stimulation/inhibition. Multiple colors for LEDs are also available to study various behaviors. Better yet, our system is compatible with any TTL input system.

Gather more data

With the wireless battery-free operation, NeuroLux implants have unlimited operational lifetimes. The thin, flexible form factors allow the device to affix on top of the subject’s skull for up to fourteen months.

Accelerate the adoption of optogenetics methods

NeuroLux platform provides low-cost hardware packages that are customizable to meet the needs of any laboratory environments. The technology is simple and easy to use, which bypasses the need to invest in and learn how to operate the standard optoelectronic hardware.


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